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About Us

What it means to truly take the grit out and how we help.

Our Mission

Grit Out was created to help foster a clean environment in the home, workplace, and society. We focus on a cleaner way to clean. What does this mean? We leverage the latest steam and power washing technology in the industry to provide an immaculate cleaning result. Our unique machinery and techniques are not only environmentally responsible but have virtually no impact on your home or work area. Coupled with our commitment to making an impact on the environment is our resolve to help our local communities through staffing and philanthropy.

Why We're Here

Grit Out began as a way to provide better cleaning services in a way that benefits the local community. With its roots beginning in Dallas, TX and now spreading to Louisiana and beyond, Grit Out aspires to change the way you think of cleaning. We're here to provide cleaning services that allow your home and workspaces to be free of dirt, grime, and grit all the while helping your community and the environment.

How We Help Our Community

Responsibility that extends from our work to our lives

A point of pride at Grit Out is our staff. We hire veterans and firefighters because we understand that they hold hard-to-teach skills such as faithfulness, commitment, diligence, continued performance under pressure, respect for procedures and command, and the ability to work as a team. In addition to our staff, Grit Out is determined to bring relief to the local homeless population, with a percentage of all profits going to homeless charities.

How We Help Our Environment

A cleaner clean.

Often lost in the hectic days of modern living is the fact that we take a great toll on our planet. This is something that we noticed about the cleaning industry in particular with the use of harsh chemicals used to clean the places we live and eat on a daily basis. We provide all of our industry-leading cleaning services using all natural products that not only do a better job of cleaning but also have no negative impact on the environment. 

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The speed in which Grit Out was able to come in, and clean up overnight was fantastic, but the best part was how great they were at their own cleanup. You'd never know they were there if it wasn't for the spotless kitchen.

Jolene R.

Amazing group of guys, the professionalism shown throughout the process has been remarkable. So much so that I've been recommending them to other restaurant owners in the area.

Jeff C.

Very happy with what Grit Out has done for my coffee shop. I never have to worry about dirty or unsafe kitchen because of Grit Out.