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Removing the grit and grime of workplaces and homes in a socially conscious manner. Find out what it means to be part of a cleaner clean.

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Whether it's a bustling commercial kitchen with a myriad of appliances and systems or a home needing some TLC, Grit Out has you covered! Click here to learn more about our services.

A Cleaner Clean

We're helping foster a clean environment in the home, workplace, and society. From environmentally friendly, natural cleaning products to hiring veterans and firemen- we're working hard to get the Grit Out!

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Taking the Grit Out!

What it means to truly take the grit out and how we help.

Grit Out was created to help foster a cleaner environment in which we live with a focus on industrial, commercial, residential cleaning methods.   We focus on a “cleaner” way to clean.  What does this mean?  We leverage the latest steam, dry ice blasting, and robotics cleaning technology in the industry to achieve outstanding results.  Our unique equipment has been sourced worldwide and we utilize best in class cleaning techniques that are not only environmentally responsible but have no negative impact on the environment.  Coupled with our commitment to making an impact on the environment is our resolve to help our local communities through staffing and philanthropy. 

Why It Matters

The hidden dangers of grease and grit build up

How a Grease Fire Can Ruin Your Business

Commercial kitchens generate a lot of heat, smoke, and vapors which contain grease and oil residue. This dangerous combination can be backed up in an exhaust vent hood and without proper and timely cleaning can be the perfect fuel to a kitchen fire.

Common Cleaning Misconceptions

Don't be fooled into thinking a quick wipe down with an old dish rag will do the job, thousands of fires are caused each year due to non-professional cleaning standards.

A certified technician should always be the one servicing your exhaust hood systems, stoves, and even ovens.

Preventative Maintenance is Key to Safe Work Enviornment

Grease fires occur when there is a gradual build-up of grease, oil, and other chemical residues. They don't typically start from a "flash in the plan" event. Over time, your commercial kitchen begins to collect grit, dirt, grease, and oil all of which are just waiting for the right ignition to catch fire. This is why it's vital to your kitchen's safety protocol to maintain a strict regiment of preventative maintenance.

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Our Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning done right is what our experienced, reliable, and certified technicians excel in. Click one of the services below to learn more.

Professional kitchen cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Hood System Cleaning

Preemptive maintenance, cleaning, and overall care of exhaust hood systems in commercial kitchens.

Gritout taking filthy aluminum mesh filter out of the cooker hood

Exhaust Hood Vent Exchange Program

Our exhaust vent hood filter exchange program for commercial kitchens will keep you safe and compliant.

Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning

We leverage the best technology when it comes to being safe and effective, which is why we use Dry Ice Cleaning.

21255114 - chef cooking with flame in a frying pan on a kitchen stove.

Fire Damage Repair & Restoration

We'll help restore your environment back to its pristine condition by repairing any fire and smoke damage that occurred.

Mold Removal and remediation

Mold Remediation

Keep your home and business safe by maintaining great air quality and removing mold.

Basket with a set of accessories for cleaning. Sponges, rags, detergent and gloves.

Residential Cleaning Services

Using cost-effective and environmentally friendly products, we keep the place you call home spotless.

A cleaner clean! Learn more about our green initiative and social programs.


Read what our customers are saying about us!

The speed in which Grit Out was able to come in, and clean up overnight was fantastic, but the best part was how great they were at their own cleanup. You'd never know they were there if it wasn't for the spotless kitchen.

Jolene R.

Amazing group of guys, the professionalism shown throughout the process has been remarkable. So much so that I've been recommending them to other restaurant owners in the area.

Jeff C.

Very happy with what Grit Out has done for my coffee shop. I never have to worry about dirty or unsafe kitchen because of Grit Out.